Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are & Our Mission

What is your mission?

Our mission to build the clearest and most personalized path to find fulfilling work so you can create a better future for yourself and the world around us.

What do you do?

Audo is designed to help connect you to a personalized path to career success. We do this by assessing users on their goals and experience, crunching the data with a proprietary A.I. system, and recommending courses from world-class partners, all while allowing you to make money while you learn.

What does Audo mean?

“Audo” is taken from the Latin word “audax” which means “bold” or “daring.” It's also the base of other stellar words like audacious and audacity. Because our new mission is to decentralize higher education and provide real-world skills, we want our users to live boldly and take control of their pursuit for success. Thus: Audo.


Do I have to be a student to sign up?

Nope! Audo is for anyone, of any age, at any point in their professional journey, who wants to level-up their skills and abilities and earn money while doing it. Does it cost money to sign up?

Do I have to go to UCLA, UCB, UMICH, or FAMU?

Nope! Audo is designed to be a learning and earning hub for anyone who wants to level-up their skills and abilities while using those talents to make money. We welcome high school graduates, current college students, college graduates, and anyone anywhere on their professional journey.

Are you hiring?

We're flattered that you would consider joining our incredible decentralized team with employees all over the United States and across the globe. Visit this link to see what positions are currently available. Good luck!

Can I invest?

You sure can. Please email us at with “Investment Question” in the subject line.

Are you on social?

Definitely. You can see what we're up to on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram . Our DMs are open and we would love to hear from you.

How are you verified on social media?

Every social media network publishes its own rules for qualifying for verification. Our understanding is that the most common metric for Twitter is having a verified presence on other networks, along with enough written press coverage.

I'm having trouble signing up

We're sorry you're having trouble with that. Email our intrepid support team at and they can help you get signed up.

How can I get off of the email list?

If you no longer want to receive informative updates and inspiring newsletters from Audo, visit this link to unsubscribe from our mailing list. We'll be sad to see you go! Note that you will still receive notifications regarding your account, such as password reset requests or job alerts from the marketplace.


Can I add these certifications to my resume?

Definitely. Certifications earned via our education partners should go in a "Professional Development" section of your resume, separate from education and work experience. Be sure to include the name of the certification, along with Audo and the education partner.

Do these certifications count toward college credit?

Neither Audo nor our education partners can guarantee college credit acceptance for any certification you earn with us. We encourage you to check with your respective college or university to see if they will accept a MOOC certificate as credit.

Audo Guide

How does the Audo Guide generate the course load?

The Audo Guide is an adaptive, artificial intelligence driven quiz that generates a uniquely curated course load based on your individual anss. For more information on our technology, visit the How It Works page.

Can I retake the Audo Guide as many times as I want?

If your Audo Guide results don't match your goals, feel free to retake it until you land on something that excites you. Once you start taking courses on a career path, however, we recommend you focus on completing it before starting another; this will get you closer to your career goals faster than jumping back and forth between different career paths.

Still have questions? Feel free to hit us up for answers.