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Why we do what we do.

We're building the clearest and most personalized path to find fulfilling work so you can create a better future for yourself and the world around us.
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Using A.I. and Data for Good

Taking the guesswork out of building a better career.

You're more than your resume. That's why Audo goes beyond to get to the core of who you are. Our A.I. analyzes your skills, personality, and interests against thousands of online resumes and job listings to guide you towards your dream career and help you be your best self. Now that's data for good!

Our Beliefs

We believe that...

  • Learning is a lifelong process.
  • Learning should be available to everyone at every stage of their professional journey.
  • Education should translate to hireable skills.
  • Success shouldn't require a degree.
  • Learning shouldn't require going into massive debt.
  • You should have input on how you learn, and control over when you do it.
  • Everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.
  • Skills and experiences are measurable, applicable, and replicable.
  • There should be more options for learning, not fewer.
  • Learning works best as a communal experience.
  • Everyone should be able to find and create a meaningful career.
  • Skill building can bridge the gap between learning and earning.
  • Each individual gets to define success on their own terms.
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Our Values

We live our values.

We believe in outrageous transparency and hold ourselves accountable for everything we do - creating a community based on honest communication and open feedback to build trust in both our competence and yours - we've got you.
We know there are a lot of limiting factors in today's systems when it comes to learning and earning - which is why we are building a new one; one that is accessible to everyone, at any age, for every stage - let's democratize learning and earning, together.
We know you've done a lot to get to where you are. We believe in your passions and are equipped to help you achieve them, no matter where you've been or where you are going - it's only up from here.
We care about your goals and want to get you there, but we also want to understand you - what motivates you to get up in the morning and what drives you to keep going every day. We don't just talk, we listen.
We believe the key to success is a willingness to try new things and to never sit still. We spark waves of change and aren't afraid to break down what isn't working, so you can always keep moving forward and growing.
We believe that purpose-driven learning, and setting attainable, meaningful goals are crucial for your personal fulfillment and all around well-being.